Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Oh, I have SO many things to be thankful for. I would have to say the biggest blessing in life that I have is my family, and my daughter is the absolute center of my world. And I wouldn't have my daughter without Children's Hospital, so my first Thankful Thursday goes to them!

When Belle was born we found out that she has four heart defects. I had several ultrasounds and apparently none of the techs, docs, or nurses noticed the uniqueness of her heart. So to say that we were shocked would be a HUGE understatement. (Just to clarify, none of my ultrasounds were done at Children's Hospital.)
First picture of Belle. Papa Bear unknowingly snapped a picture of the moment the nurse discovered the uniqueness of Belle's heart.
Immediately after she was born, Belle was transported to the NICU at Childrens Hospital of Minneapolis. The happiest and most exciting day of my life, quickly turned into the hardest, most devastating day of my life. As I was sobbing in my post-partum hospital bed (hearing the cries of newborns and their consoling mothers), I was missing my baby that was in my tummy just minutes ago, and is now across town (which felt like a world away, since I couldn't be there) in the care of someone else, and I don't even know if my child is doing well, struggling, or even alive. However, in the midst of all this, I was thinking about her name. Her name means "heart"!!!! My sweet darling girl was named the night we found out she was a SHE, when I was about halfway through my pregnancy and long before we knew of her heart defects. We had looked at several baby books for months, I had seen that name many times, but I am convinced that God named her. God knew her heart, knew her uniqueness, and KNEW that I would need to know that He was protecting her, especially when I couldn't!

Fast forward 6 weeks: Belle had her first (and only, to date) heart surgery under the wonderful and capable hands of Dr. Charles Baker through The Children's Heart Clinic. He, and the wonderful people of Children's Hospital saved my daughters life, truly. We wouldn't have our energetic, spunky, dimpled-smile, comedian-of-a-toddler, without them. So, since they gave me the most wonderful gift I could ever imagine, I try to give back whenever and however I can. One way our family (with our wonderful extended family, friends, and friends-of-friends on our team) gives back is by participating in Heartbeat 5000,

Reunited with my baby just after surgery.
The Dimple Squad!
 This is a highlight video from the event this year. Yours truly, along with Papa Bear, and Belle make an appearance at the end, right around the 4:25 mark. :) Check it ouuut! *hiiigh five*

I am and will forever be indebted to Children's Hospital for saving Belle! Thank you for being so loving, supportive, understanding, educating, and all-around, top notch! While the circumstances are less than desirable, I am so glad that we are able to discover and enjoy you and your wonderful team of angels in scrubs and coats!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. I still remember getting the call while grandma and grandpa were here for Christmas. It was horrible news to hear all the way in CA. We felt so bad that we couldn't be there to help you all. We prayed like mad for all of you.

    We too are thankful for our sweet spunky and double dimpled Belle!

  2. Thank you for praying! We definitely felt the prayers during her NICU stay and her surgery. Wow, she's come a long way! :)

  3. I am in complete tears reading this..I can only imagine all that you went though! So happy to hear that your sweet baby girl is doing well now!! Yes Children's Hospital is amazing. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 7 and I still remember each and every nurse that made me feel comfortable and taught me all that I needed to know. Such an amazing place

  4. I am so glad you have had such a great experience with them, too. Amazing people, all of them. :)