Monday, August 15, 2011

Make-it-yourself Monday!

I'm a craft-a-holic, and it's a problem. Right now I have several unfinished projects, scarves to knit, a newspaper wreath that I started a year ago, and a denim wetbag that I have a goal to finish this week (I've only been working on this one for about a week - pretty good, right?). I also have about a hundred projects in line that I'd like to start.

So instead of finishing the projects that I have started, or starting a project that I have all the supplies for, I am going to instead start a project to make the supplies for a project that I'd like to start. Did you follow that? Anyway, I'm going try to make MOD PODGE! Man, this stuff is great, but instead of buying it I'm going to make it myself because I like saving money and making extra work for myself.

I'm going to make this during Belle's naptime and depending on if the stuff turns out, I'll even start covering something to give it new life!

I'll report back next Monday on how it turned out - hopefully with a finished product! (But with my track record, it could take a year!)

Here's a little teaser of what I plan on using:
Left over napkins from Belle's first birthday party

I am so excited about this project, I might just start and finish it all in one week!


  1. Heck! Why don't you do it in one day? I can't wait to see it. Love those napkins!

  2. I actually did! I was so excited about it, too! I started and finished it and also finished another project! I'll post on Monday!! *squeals in excitement*