Monday, August 1, 2011

Basically the same old, same old.

I'm starting over with my blog.

I haven't written here for almost a year, so it was just the right thing to do. My little lady, Belle is already a year and a half old and time isn't slowing down, so I am going to try to document it so as not forget every.little.awesome thing that she does. By the way, she says awesome is that? (I'll try to post a video of that soon)

I'm pretty much going to be using this as a little diary to myself to remember our journey but you are welcome to join me for the ride. I'll likely be melting over the words and cool things she does, complaining about how my lack of energy is directly attributed to her ever-flowing energy, cloth diapering and how addicting it is, and my journey to become a good cook for my family. Basically the same old, same old, stay-at-home-mom schtuff that isn't the least bit boring to me.

Thanks for reading this so far!

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