Friday, August 12, 2011

Pinch those pennies, people!

I get such a high from saving money. I like to stretch our hard-earned money as far as we can take it. It's actually kind of a game for me now. I enjoy clipping coupons and finding good deals! I remember a conversation I had with Papa Bear not too long ago about how clipping coupons is just not worth it with all the time wasted finding, clipping, sorting, etc. Watch me eat my words, mister, this is a blast AND it's a good for my family!
Spending quality time with my scissors at 1:00 am
My little thrill could actually benefit you, especially if you don't look at your ads. Did you know that kids eat FREE at IKEA through the 21s? Mom and Dad don't even need to buy a meal, it's all about the kiddos! (Proof: no coupons, just a promo going on) I was already planning on going there, so this just makes it that much sweeter. Ohh, I love me some IKEA!

As everyone knows, it's Back-to-School time and that means sales! It's the perfect time to stock up on crayons, paper, bandaids, clothes, hand-sanitizer, lotion, and the list goes on!  It's also a good time to start gathering items for a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. Need ideas?

I had a pretty big pile to sort through and there were so many good ads with long expiration dates, so my organizer is nearly half full! I honestly couldn't even tell you how many coupons I clipped, but I had a blast! My super fancy coupon organizer is actually a 4x6 photo book that snaps shut, and it has a pretty durable cover. I still need to make some labels, but it's really not hard to find things since they are in clear pockets. I love it...and so does Belle!

Future extreme-couponer. Sorry, Papa Bear!

Wanna know what's really exciting? It's the weekend, which means more coupons coming to my mailbox - yipee!!


  1. We love coupons here too! We like to bring the meatballs and seasoning packages home from Ikea. I make them in the oven and we get several meals out of one bag. Sweedish meatballs with egg noodles, meatball sandwich with provelone or moz cheese. YUMMY!

  2. Ohhh, that sounds delicious! Papa Bear is a meatball lover, he'd love this! The meatball sandwich sounds especially delicious..yummmmmy!