Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

My oh my, how is it already January?!

A lot has happened since my last post, how do I even begin to catch up? I guess the most recent and most exciting thing in our house is that our spunky little girl turned TWO! We celebrated her birthday party on December 10th with lots of family and friends, and had a small celebration on her actual birthday (December 18th). Little Belle thought it was her birthday all month, and she sings still "Happy Birthday" every time I light a candle.What a joy to be two years old!

Today was another big day for me and my little girl. We started school! Belle is a bright little lady and seems so ripe to learn. This week our theme is bears, the color yellow, and letter "A". Our vocabulary word for the day is "paw", as in bear paw. She seems to love everything we've done so far, which is encouraging to me since I'm new at this.

We decided to take a break from school because my mom told me that the Tournament of Roses Parade is on!! Belle loves the "dums" (drums), "dancin' " (dancing), and "wafin' " (waving). I'm so glad, because it gives me the chance to write up a quick little blog to remember today. This nice little unexpected break makes me think that I should try to write in my blog at least once a month. I know I should do it more, but if I aim for once a month then at least it's better than once every four months, right?

Anyway, since today is the first day of school, I'll post Belle's FIRST "first day of school" picture and the little questionnaire I asked her.
What is your favorite color? "Yes. yessss." (I think she thought I asked her if she wanted to color, then she realized what I had actually asked her)

What is your favorite song?  "Aaaabc....d"

What is your favorite food? "pastahhhh"

What is your favorite toy?  After about a five minute conversation and her wanting to play with every toy she owns, she finally said "bike" and pounded with her index finger on my notebook that I was recording her answers in.

What is your favorite animal? "Elephant. Baby and mommy elephant."

What is your favorite thing to do during the day? "Baff!! Okaaay, baff time!" (I had to talk her down off of this one, and ensure that we would take a bath later, to which she responded "SOOON!! Yah!".)

What do you want to be when you grow up? "Doctor. Allll better"

That little girl is such a joy. I feel so blessed that I get to be her mama. I'm pretty sure my heart had to grow bigger just to contain all my love for her!

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  1. Every day it'll grow even more. Hard to believe it's possible isn't it? Just you wait and see. Love you! Love her!